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In our opinion, skilled advice on an individual basis is as important as efficiency.  

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Procuring evidence and information

In cases subject to the civil law, evidence must be presented to prove substantial contentious issues.  Proof must be put forward for any allegations.  Ideally, the matter will be settled outside a court of law, with the opposite party reacting to a presentation of evidence by making concessions.  Private detectives from Detectivfrei AG can document evidential proof of the facts in a form that is usable in court, and they can testify to them in court.

Relationship issues and observations

A partnership requires mutual trust.  However, people cannot always rely upon their partners.  Detectives from Detectivfrei AG can find out through their observations whether a partner is faithful or not, thereby enabling our clients to make their own decisions.

Technical monitoring

This term covers the monitoring by GPS location devices and video technology, within the legal limitations.  The law prohibits secret voice recording, listening to telephone conversations and the infiltration of computer systems.  We do not offer these services.

Investigations into personal backgrounds

Before you enter into a new personal or business relationship, it may be beneficial to investigate your future partner.  A conscientious fact check can enable detectives from Detectivfrei AG to establish whether the facade might conceal a confidence trickster, fraudster or someone who is, in effect, good for nothing.

Research into property damage, theft,
defamation, etc.

Detectivfrei AG can help to identify the originator of  such offences.  Where the police service takes no action, as a result of staff shortage or low importance rating, Detectivfrei AG steps in.  Appropriate investigation methods can be used to identify the perpetrator - at which point, we pass the ball back to the police.