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Investigations in matters involving employment law

We've seen it all.  From the people actually ill to the employee who is building his new single-family home, working for the competition, to the jolly employee who is already partying during the day.  Repeated sick leave is one sign that leads to suspicion.  Photos and videos provide evidence, making it possible to take appropriate action .

Violations of the non-compete clause

There's a good reason for executive employees or people with an in-depth understanding of important business information to be subject to prohibitive clauses to prevent any outflow of information to the competition.  Nevertheless, evidence is still necessary before legal action can be taken.  Private detectives from Detectivfrei AG are able to document activities and contacts and facilitate counter-measures

General and specific trading information

This is just another name for background checks. Background checks shed the light upon future business partners and their organisations (to whatever depth is required), thereby avoiding future catastrophes.

Violations of patents and licences/brand piracy

Research, development and design are all forms of investment that are financed from future sales.  Private detectives from Detectivfrei AG are able to protect intellectual property by classifying and quantifying counterfeits.  Working hand-in-hand with the police, they minimise losses and gather evidence for compensation claims.

Industrial espionage / Sabotage

These days, businesses focus exclusively on the risks posed by digital channels and tend to neglect the tried and tested methods that were used to procure information in the past .  Detectivfrei AG provides support for corporations to secure their defences against espionage and sabotage.