Professional skill, reliability and discretion

Our principles – For your benefit

In 1949, Hans Frei, a former detective with the police force in the city of Zurich, set up a one-man business called “Privatdetektiv- und Informationsbüro H. Frei”.  After his death, the business was taken over by his brother, Willi Frei, who converted it into a private limited company in 1984.  From 1990 onwards, the company was run by Manuel Graf and Markus Wegst, while it has now been in the hands of Themis Kostenas and Markus Wegst since 2006.  Detectivfrei AG is therefore one of the oldest and possibly the best known Swiss businesses within this sector.

Association memberships

Our employees undergo continuous training by attending conferences and seminars of professional associations.  Membership in the professional associations listed below also enables active and coordinated influence on the policy of the association and on any legislation that hinders the exercise of the profession.

Association of Swiss Private Investigators (FSPD)
Affiliated to the International Federation of Associations of Private Detectives (IKD)
Association of European Investigators (AEI)
Association of German Detectives (BDD)
Association of Austrian Detectives (öDV)
Association of British Investigators (ABI)

These days, the name Detectivfrei AG stands for a business that offers a very wide range of services.  Our clients’ requirements for information have also altered over the years, as a result of economic, social and legal changes.  Previously, most of our clients were private individuals, contacting us in connection with disputes relating to family, property and inheritance issues, but our service is now increasingly being used by industrial and service organisations.

We have adjusted to the ever-changing market circumstances and pursued the continuous professional development of our employees.  This means we can put forward proposals for solutions that are quick to implement, efficient and unconventional, even when we are faced with complex problems that go far beyond our traditional areas of activity.  The confidence repeatedly shown in us by our large and prestigious client base confirms the path upon which we have embarked, and forms the basis for our success.