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Welcome to Detectivfrei Inc.

Personenüberwachungen, Leumundsabklärungen

Fifty years ago, Hans Frei, a former detective of the Zurich Police Force, established a single firm named "Privatdetektiv- und Informationsbureau H. Frei". After his sudden death, his brother Willi took over the business and turned it into a joint stock company. Since 1989, the corporate management has been passed into hands of Themis Kostenas and Markus Wegst.

Our Company is one of the first general investgation agencies founded in Switzerland and enjoys an excellent reputation. Based on our famous name, it is our main concern that the variety of our services complies with the different demands and of succession, divorce suits and matrimonial regime were private persons whereas nowadays there are frequently industrial concerns and public service companies that demand our varied and extensive services.

Thanks to our continuous adaption to changing situations in the market and as a result of our executive training, we are always able to offer workable, effective and non-conventional solutions which can be realized at short notice.

The confidence shown over again by a big and considerable clientele not only confirms our being on the right course, but also represents the basis for our most successful activity.

Competence, Seriosity und Discretion
Our Motto - Your Benefit

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